Rayburn Brothers Band

The Rayburn Brothers Band bring a broad range of influences to their music and play songs that are a mix of folk, rock, world, and Americana. Singer-songwriters Craig and Keith Rayburn harmonize as only brothers can, with graceful melodies, poignant singing and deft instrumentation. All songs feature the effortless harmonies of Craig and Keith, augmented by the dulcet voice of Eliza James that give the vocals texture and intimacy. Long time lead guitar player Nick Heinz adds fluid guitar lines evoking classic rock greats, while the driving rhythm is provided by the bands own TnT, Tom Levenhagen on bass and Tom Duncan on drums, as keyboard player Kevin Taylor weaves in and out of the songs with grace and harmony. Their album “Back to California” is a compelling collection of songs ranging from the honest portrayal of long-term relationships in “Go Down Easy” to the hopeful, upbeat “Back To California”. “Ordinary Love” tells of finding extraordinary love, while “Lonely Train” speaks of love lost. “Te Propongo” and “Hole In My Heart” mix Spanish and English lyrics in a way that reflects the brother’s California heritage.

The entire collection of songs provided by the band are infused with elements of rock, folk, country, reggae and jazzy blues, full of surprises and unexpected twists. Eliciting comparisons to bands such as The Eagles, Neil Young, Los Lobos and Jackson Browne, the Rayburn Brothers Band is well worth a listen. They have built up a strong local following and are expanding their range along the Central Coast.

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Press / Reviews

"There is something very intoxicating about Keith's songs. I'm a big fan of not only the music I've worked on with him, but his previous recordings I first heard a couple years ago."

Joe Beck, Award winning Writer/Producer/Artist/ Co-founder of Songwriting University


" The Rayburn Brothers are an excellent band with amazing vocal harmonies!"  

Bob Prikazsky, El Vaquero Winery


"The next time you want to hear an album with pristine production just pop in Back To California by Rayburn Brothers Band. Everything from the guitars to the drums to the vocals fit 
perfectly in their own pocket. Production and recording quality are important factors when  assessing an album but above all else it needs to have substantial songs, which have some sort of 
emotional impact. I’m happy to say that Back To California also succeeds in that department as  well." 

Ted Rogen, Equal Ground, Indie Band Reviews

"The Rayburn Brothers Band takes the art of great songwriting, mixes it with tasteful  musicianship, and delivers it with a fun and buoyant energy that’s equal parts Americana,  rock, folk and country. The spirit in their music is fun, infectious and genuine — and it’s  delivered with a heartfelt respect to the timeless songwriters in California’s rich history. "

Andy Zenczak ~ Producer, Gadgetbox Studios, Santa Cruz, winner of the Gail Rich Award

"... a rough-hewn folk-rock sound that evokes the wild vistas of the West." -

Wallace Baine, Santa Cruz Sentinel

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